Upcoming HR Trends in 2020 and Beyond

As 2019 comes to a close, we not only have a new year to look forward to, but the start of a brand new decade (crazy, right?). This will undoubtedly have many professionals wondering what the future will hold for business, including human resources. Here are some HR trends that are expected to really take off in 2020 and beyond.

Ongoing Performance Management

If the 2010s have taught us anything, it’s that the yearly performance review is an outdated practice. Performance management occurring on a more consistent basis is expected to further take shape in 2020, which will provide tremendous benefits for organizations. Continuous feedback and check-ins concerning goal attainment will greatly improve employee engagement, one of the most important factors for employee retention and performance. Due to its increased importance, companies are likely to implement more advanced performance management software technology to help manage their reviews.

Artificial Intelligence

There is little question that artificial intelligence will play a major role in performing various HR functions in the future, particularly for recruitment and onboarding processes. When it comes to recruitment, AI can take an enormous load off of the HR department’s shoulders by streamlining many time-consuming tasks. These include sifting through hundreds of resumes, making faster and more impartial hiring decisions, and even answering candidate’s questions via automated messaging software.

As for onboarding, the past decade has provided a great deal of insight into how vital a quality employee orientation really is. Giving the right first impression of your company is crucial; more companies are realizing that there is a short window post-hire in which a new employee decides if they are staying or going. With more resources being placed at the forefront of the employee integration process, receiving all the help you can get is a must to make it go as smoothly as possible. Artificial intelligence can provide much relief in this endeavor by answering common questions new employees may have about benefits, holidays, job specifics, and more. AI can also lend a hand in filling out the huge pile of paperwork that often comes with each new hire – whew!

We’ll talk more about how technology will be used for onboarding in a bit.

Higher Emphasis on Soft Skills

To say that there was an increase in the use of technology in the workplace in the last 10 years would probably be the understatement of the decade. So unsurprisingly, technical proficiency has been one of the most highly sought after skillsets of job candidates across industries. However, when this becomes the primary focus for hiring managers, attention toward “soft skills” can fall by the wayside. Failure to seek employees with skills like communication, creative problem-solving, time management, and leadership abilities will have numerous negative consequences for organizations.

In 2020, there will be a much higher emphasis on hiring applicants with a proven track record of displaying these skills, as well as promoting them in existing employees. According to LinkedIn, the biggest skill gaps in companies right now tend to be soft skills – so moving forward, they will likely even take precedence over technical skills for potential and current workers.

Virtual Reality

Although there has been a lot buzz about virtual reality for a long time, many still have yet to experience the wonder of this amazing technology. In 2020 that is expected to change as more organizations utilize virtual reality in various capacities, one of which being the onboarding process. New hires can use this technology to take tours, virtually experience aspects of their job, or even interact with executives who may be at a different company location. Outside of onboarding, virtual reality can also be used to simulate training programs, interview potential candidates, and allow remote employees to communicate more effectively with their peers.

The future is approaching, and fast. Is your company ready to embrace the changes 2020 will bring?