Top 5 Careers in 2020

If you are currently seeking a new job or career, you are in luck. Reports are coming in that many available jobs have been opening since the holidays ended – and employers want to fill them now. Whether it’s a career change you want or you’re an HR professional curious about hot jobs right now, here are the top 5 jobs in 2020 according to research done by Glassdoor.

5. DevOps Engineer

Coming in at number 5 is DevOps Engineer. This tech career, which includes overseeing and coordinating the work of system operators and software developers, requires a great deal of versatility. Not only must a DevOps Engineer fully understand the ins and outs of IT infrastructure, strong people skills are essential as well as they facilitate communication among many different branches of the department.

4. Product Manager

Product Management has been one of the best careers to have for a long time, and for good reason – the responsibility of a product’s business success basically falls on the Product Manager’s shoulders. They work with everyone involved with the creation of a product like engineers and designers, overseeing the development process while ensuring customer needs will be met. As more and more Product Managers start managing digital products, this career continues to be one of the most sought after in 2020.

3. Data Scientist

Second runner-up on the list is Data Scientist – a job for those with a keen eye for data. Data Scientists collect large amounts of various data that is relevant to the organization, analyze it, and then use that information to help their company make important decisions. Due to the high value of their input and the combination of complex skills required like math, statistics, and understanding of trends, Data Science is one of the most relevant careers right now in 2020.

2. Java Developer

At number two we have Java Developer. Java, a well known programming language responsible for creating countless computer applications, is one of the best areas anyone can have expertise in right now. Without programming languages like Java, there would be no video games, no computer programs for businesses, and no social media. So as you can imagine, Java Developers are more important in 2020 than ever.

1. Front End Engineer

The number one career of 2020 in Front End Engineering. This is a style of engineering in which each project is planned in a detailed manner prior to execution for the purpose of increased cost control. The many complicated skills required to excel in this career such as the ability to anticipate future issues, excellent time management skills, and being incredibly detail-oriented make it the most important, sought after career of the year.

It’s still early in 2020 and many companies are hiring at the start of the year. If you’re looking for a fresh start, one of these careers could be the way to go. And if you’re an HR Manager and you’re missing one of these on your team, it might be time to do some recruiting!