Developing and implementing compensation and HR programs is a complex challenge for any organization, often requiring special expertise that is unavailable in-house. That’s where CHRG can help. Whether you need a broad range of compensation and HR services, or help with one specific project, our experienced consultants are here to help.

Compensation Consulting Services

Pay equity analysis: We will perform an in-depth analysis of your organization’s compensation practices and break it down in a way that makes it simple to identify gender gaps in pay. After summarizing and sharing our findings, we will recommend adjustments to your pay program that will achieve optimal pay equity within your company.

Compensation benchmarking: We work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the highest quality, most up-to-date market pricing data available, so that you can make informed, fair and equitable compensation decisions.

Compensation program design: We help you design a comprehensive, competitive compensation program that aligns with your compensation philosophy and business goals – and incorporates the flexibility needed to keep pace with inevitable changes in your business.

Executive compensation: We specialize in developing base, variable and long-term incentive compensation plans for your top management team that will give your organization a competitive edge.

Variable pay plans: We work with you to design the perfect variable pay plan for your organization – one that is externally competitive, internally equitable, affordable, and legally defensible.

Custom compensation and benefits surveys: We understand that standard benchmark surveys may not reflect the exact scope of information you need, and can craft custom pay and benefits surveys tailored to your organization.

Compensation policy development and communication: We help you develop compensation policies and practices for your organization, while providing the communication tools necessary for timely and effective implementation.

HR Consulting Services

Strategic planning: Our experts perform a comprehensive analysis of your entire HR operations, and work with you to develop HR strategies and key metrics that support your business objectives and increase employee engagement at all levels.

Legal compliance: Keeping up with local, state and federal laws is a daunting task for any organization. We make it easier by conducting an audit of your compliance status and developing an effective compliance-management strategy that mitigates risk and fosters employee support.

Employee engagement: We work with you to develop a comprehensive engagement strategy and action plan that incorporates employee feedback tools, talent development programs, collaborative learning opportunities and other methods of increasing employee trust and motivation.

Training: We offer a wide variety of HR training services, from customized, on-site seminars to live, web-based offerings on a host of important topics.

Performance management: We work with you to evaluate and improve your performance management system, so that it reflects best practices and keeps your employees engaged.

HR technology: Our experts help you evaluate and implement the right HR systems for your organization, which will improve efficiencies and help you better integrate and manage payroll, benefits, training, compliance, recruiting and other programs.

Recruitment: Our experts help you find the right talent at the right time – which is critical to meeting your business goals.

Employee policies and procedures: We help you identify, develop and implement the policies and procedures you need to ensure effective management, employee engagement and legal compliance.

HR communication: We partner with you to develop a communications strategy and create customized, cost-effective communications that support your business and engage your workforce. (Products include employee handbooks, brochures, web content, presentation materials, and much more.)