Top 10 Best Jobs of 2022

Welcome to 2022 – it’s a brand-new year, and with that comes a new batch of careers that have made their way to the forefront with the changing times.

U.S. News recently released their report announcing the best jobs of 2022, based on a variety of factors like demand, work-life balance, and pay. Unsurprisingly, many healthcare jobs topped the list – but they were also accompanied by some careers you may not expect. Here are the top 10 best jobs of the new year ahead of us:

1. Information Security Analyst

That’s right, the top job of 2022 is not a healthcare job. Turns out, COVID-19 is not the only invisible threat we will have to contend with this year – cyberattacks run rampant as well, which can put sensitive data at risk of being breached. Luckily for us we have Information Security Analysts, who are responsible for developing security measures to keep our information safe.

2. Nurse Practitioner

The top healthcare job on the list was nabbed by none other than Nurse Practitioner, a position that requires a few more years of education than a Registered Nurse. Nurse Practitioners have many of the same responsibilities as Physicians, such as giving physical exams, prescribing medications, and analyzing lab tests.

3. Physician Assistant

The next career on the list, another healthcare job, is Physician Assistant. Physician Assistants work alongside Physicians and can carry out many of the same duties as them including illness diagnosis, conducting procedures, and developing treatment plans. They assist with surgeries as well.

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

Another healthcare-related career high on the list that deals more with the management side of things is Medical and Health Services Manager. Those who choose this career path will be tasked with coordinating, planning, and directing many of the essential operations that are needed in order to keep healthcare organizations running.

5. Software Developer

An increasingly more important job as technology gets more advanced, it’s no surprise to see Software Developer on this list as we head further into the future. Software Developers create and maintain the programs that we have come to rely on that exist on our phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, watches, exercise equipment…the list goes on and on. Needless to say, the demand for Software Developers won’t be going down anytime soon.

6. Data Scientist

As the need for good data interpretation and analysis becomes more vital for organizations, the more the demand for Data Scientists increases. With the assistance of technology, Data Scientists utilize their knowledge of programming and statistics to draw helpful conclusions from vast amounts of collected data.

7.  Financial Manager

Through the years, financial tools have become more complex – therefore, Financial Managers have become more marketable than ever. Financial Managers are charged with handling finances within an organization by developing financial reports, projecting profits, and ensuring financial compliance with the law.

8. Statistician

Another job that signifies the importance of data in today’s world, Statisticians create experiments for the purpose of gathering data, analyzing that data, and then using their findings to draw important conclusions that can help organizations make smart decisions. While similar to Data Scientists, Statisticians typically do not need programming skills.

9. Lawyer

Few are strangers to this age-old profession, which is responsible for providing representation and counsel to clientele that could range anywhere from individuals to entire organizations. Lawyers can work for a variety of entities including private practices, businesses, or the government.

10. Speech-Language Pathologist

Since communication has always been and will always be crucial, it makes perfect sense that this career has made the top 10 list. Speech-Language Pathologists use speech therapy to improve the lives of many different people including children with speech difficulties and those struggling to communicate following an accident or medical emergency.

It’s a new year with new hopes, new dreams, and a new set of in-demand careers. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022!